Network Neurology Health

Dedicated to providing hope, health, and healing from a whole-person approach

Our Mission

To identify causes and solutions for brain-related conditions, and to promote physical, emotional, and neurological restoration of health and well-being.

What is Network Neurology Health?

Network Neurology Health is an integrative neuroscience mentoring business owned by Dr Robert “Rusty” Turner, based in Charleston, South Carolina.

Dr Turner provides online (virtual) services via security-enhanced Zoom conferencing with both healthcare providers and healthcare consumers (adults and children/caregivers) who are seeking additional insights and help for their health problems.

Through dedicated listening, research, and education, Dr Turner helps guide others toward restoring and maintaining health.

Dr Turner has spent four decades training and working in the fields of neurology, neurophysiology, epilepsy, and clinical research. He investigates and applies both conventional and other evidence-based approaches to identify root causes of difficult-to-treat neurological symptoms and disorders.

He has extensive training, experience, and multiple board-certifications in the areas of adult and pediatric neurology, epilepsy, EEG and clinical neurophysiology, quantitative EEG, developmental medicine, clinical research, neuromodulation, and bio-neurofeedback.

Read more about him here.

For the general public

 If you or your child are struggling with any of these kinds of problems (see below), or you are frustrated with your lack of progress or approaches to healthcare you have experienced, Dr Turner may be able to help identify often overlooked brain-based causes and offer possible solutions to:
  • headaches
  • sleep problems and daytime functioning
  • seizures/epilepsy or altered consciousness
  • tics or other movement disorders
  • anxiety, panic, and fear
  • depression and mood disorders
  • attentional, cognitive, and learning issues
  • trauma and post-concussion symptoms

For healthcare professionals

Dr Turner provides the following services to healthcare professionals:

  • mentoring in innovative and evidence-based approaches to identifying and addressing persistent neurological symptoms/problems in their clients/patients
  • EEG and qEEG interpretation, reporting, and mentoring
  • Neurofeedback guidance and BCIA-certified mentoring
Contact us to schedule an appointment for a conversation with Dr Turner. It could change the course of your (or your patient’s) healing journey.