Overview at a Glance

  1. Your mentoring session with Dr Turner will be conducted as a conversation—a dialogue.
  2. It is not a traditional doctor’s appointment nor an encounter where there is delivery of medical care or prescriptions.
  3. As such, no referral is needed, and no insurance billing is possible.
  4. Dr Turner will review all relevant aspects of your medical and neurological history.
  5. Many of Dr Turner’s mentoring sessions are carried out with one’s neurologist, primary healthcare provider, or counselor, serving as a 3-way dialogue to ensure that the clearest and most effective communication takes place.
  6. Your meeting with Dr Turner is not a formal medical appointment, and medical records are not being produced.
  7. Any information shared with Dr Turner prior to the meeting is uploaded in a health information-protected security-enhanced DropBox platform, and the actual meeting is conducted via a health-information-protected security-enhanced Zoom platform.

Dr Turner is known for his ability to listen with discernment and compassion. He provides a fresh, comprehensive approach from an evidence-based perspective that isn’t necessarily limited to the traditional focus on medications and surgery. This frequently helps him identify previously unrecognized causes of illness.

Dr Turner doesn’t simply work from a perspective of “labels” or “diagnoses” but rather analyzes a person’s history and symptoms to uncover the root causes of brain problems. 

Dr Turner has multiple board certifications and over 40 years of training and experience in neuroscience.  
Any conditions can be discussed with Dr Turner that relate to brain dysregulation, such as seizures, headaches, tics, anxiety, fear, depression, fatigue, poor sleep, developmental delays, alterations in consciousness, lack of motivation, poor self-esteem, and even gut problems
Dr Turner will not speak beyond the scope of his extensive training and experience. 
Additionally, he will not talk about the quality of another physician’s work nor 
their prescribing habits and will not recommend changing any medication prescribed by another healthcare professional.  
No, a referral is not necessary. 
No. Your meeting with Dr Turner is completely confidential and results in no written records. The dialogue between Dr Turner and you is completely confidential. However, you are welcome to invite someone else to be part of the meeting.
Of course! Dr Turner finds it very helpful for a person to invite their healthcare 
professional to the Zoom conversation. It’s entirely up to you. 
You will experience a meeting with a healthcare professional who truly listens to your history—your story—and who synthesizes all your information to help make more sense of what has been going on. More than just connecting with a life-giving person, you can expect to learn much about the history and state of healthcare today and discover sources of health problems that you may not have previously thought of.
Before the meeting, you will be sent a link to upload any information you want Dr Turner to have. It will go into a protected, security-enhanced Dropbox folder. This information will be reviewed by you and Dr Turner during the conversation. Examples of information to upload are EEGs, EEG and MRI reports, and records from others on your healthcare team. You may also wish to include your goals for the conversation with Dr Turner, as well as a summary of the situation in your own words. The meeting is conducted on a security-enhanced Zoom platform. 
Meetings are easily conducted via a Zoom platform (HIPAA-compliant), and you will receive an invitation via email shortly before the meeting. In rare situations, the meeting can take place over a regular phone line. Dr Turner believes that a high-quality audio-visual platform promotes the best communication and conversation.
This can vary, depending on the situation. Please contact us here for that information.
24-48 hours in advance of your meeting, Network Neurology Health will email you an invoice with online payment options.  You can pay with a credit card, debit card, or bank draft. We request payment prior to the start of the appointment. 
Yes. If he knows someone in your area/region, he will be happy to make a recommendation you can follow up on. 
Dr Turner confers with physicians and other healthcare professionals looking for additional help and insight in caring for their patients/clients, or those who would like help in better understanding their EEG and/or qEEG data. These virtual mentoring meetings are conducted using the same framework as that outlined in the above questions/answers.